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A very good website to share with you:

I have been concentrating on my son’s math education for last two years. During this period, I have found many useful resources that I think every parent should know.
One of them is
It is a LLC company in Chantily, Virginia. It has been running for past 20 years. Right now, it sells the DVD and [...]

scored 700+ on math section of SAT when 8 year old

My son has followed Terence Tao and Lanhard Ng that became only three children
in the history of the Johns Hopkins’ Study of Exceptional Talent program to have achieved a score of 700 or greater on the SAT math section while just 8 years old. He became a SET member when he just turn 9 [...]

Johns Hopkins CTY SET program Eligibility

Students qualify for SET by taking the SAT before age 13 and scoring at least 700 on either the Math or Verbal (Critical Reading) test. Students who take the SAT after their 13th birthday may qualify for SET by scoring an additional 10 points above 700 for each month after their 13th birthday.
Students [...]

How to get into CSULA’s EEP program?

Every year, about 750 takes the screening Test WCPT, about 100 gifted students , who scored at least 1100 of Verbal and math, from all over the United States apply to EEP. However, each fall, only 25-40 applicants are admitted. These applicants are qualified through the Washington Pre-College Test.
The first step of applying to [...]

What is Early Entrance Program (EEP)?

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology have been ranked #1 for past three years. Most parents of Gifted kids want their kids to get into TJ and then go to top, selective colleges, Ivey Leagues the best. But most parents don’t know there are other choices for their very gifted kids – The [...]

Simon’s Rock-Recent Graduate and Professional School Placements

American University
Bennington College
Boston College
Boston University
Brandeis University
Brown University
Columbia University
Cornell University
Dartmouth College
Duke University
Evergreen State College
Georgetown University
George Washington University
Harvard University
Johns Hopkins University
New School for Social Research
New York Medical College
New York University
Middlebury College
Northwestern University
Oberlin College
Reed College
Rhode Island School of Design
Rice University
Sarah Lawrence College
Smith College
Stanford University
Swarthmore College
Tufts University
Tulane University
University of California at Berkeley
University of California, Irvine
University of Chicago
University of Colorado
University [...]

Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science

Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science is one the best and biggest Early Entrance program in USA. Every year.
TAMS has been a critically-acclaimed program since its inception in 1987. The students represent the entire range of Texas cultures and regions, and are distinguished by their love of learning. Almost half are females who [...]

Different types of College Early Entrance Programs in US

Direct to College – This group of programs generates Bachelor’s Degrees for students that successfully complete them. They are also aimed at some of the youngest students, allowing them to effectively skip most or all of high school. The three programs in this group are EEP, TS/EEP, and PEG.

High School Replacement – This group of [...]

CTY SCAT Scores – WISC better

The SCAT isn’t used for much.  I think it’s considered rather coachable.  I’ve had my children take it, and qualify for those programs, but I wouldn’t assume anyone would put a lot of weight on it other than for CTY.  It is a single data point.
 For GT identification in school, a more acceptable and usual [...]