A First Algebra Book - Prepare for IAAT


1. Why this book?

Many parents may ask "There have been many algebra books published since 1895, why should we use this old book?" There are thousands of best selling writers nowadays, but why we still love Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain etc.'s books? Yes, this book is kind of like the classic in algebra books.

Lots of parents must have heard of IAAT (Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test) .A First Algebra Book IOWA Algebra Test is used by many schools in elementary school higher grade/Middle school to identify the candidates that are qualified to take Algebra honor class in first year in middle school. To take Algebra early is the key to children's academic success for future geometry, AP Precalculus, AP Calculus, AP Physics, AP Chemistry class. For parents in northern Virginia, if a child did not pass the IAAT Test, he/she would have very low chances to take geometry in middle school and be admitted to the dream school - Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST).

In Fairfax County, the 6th grader will take IOWA Algebra Test in January.


To prepare for the success of your children's future, you should start to expose your children to Algebra as early as possible.

2. What is the best book to start?

I have done thorough researches on all available Algebra books. I found this book is a perfect book for your child to start Algebra. There are 172 pages in this book. You can download the FREE sample (pg 7-11 & Pg 116-121) of this book to study first.

3. How do I use this book with my Child?

The book contains 1500 Algebra problems. First, teach your child the example question. The example question is the best part of this book. It gives you step by step explanation on how to solve the problem. What you need to do is to teach and explain the example question to your child until he/she fully understand it. After your child understands the example, he/she can easily solve all the exercise problems by himself/herself.

The pace should not be too fast at the beginning.  One example question by 10 -20 exercise problems per day is fine. Then your child will ask for more. My son loves these problems. He always asks for more. After 3 month, your child can do around 25 problems a day. All the problems are arranged by the increasing difficulties slowly.

4. What benefits will my child get from this book?

Every elementary/middle school in Fairfax County either takes (MOEMS) Math Olympiad for Elementary and Middle Schools or Continental Math or Math League. All the math competition questions are very hard for students to solve using before Algebra methods. After your child finishes half of the book, you will notice that the Math Contest questions will look very easy to him/her. My son is 7 yr old in grade 3 now. He took MOEMS recently and got full score. He said that the questions are easy using Algebra methods. I let him tried some grade 6 Continental Math test. He also did very well. I also let him tried some IAAT test problems. He also did very well. I would say that after your child finish half of this book, he/she would pass the IAAT test easily.

5. When should I start my child with this book?

It depends on your child's math level. You can start your child with this book when he/she is in grade 4 or grade 5.  If you start in grade 4, you should slow your pace at the very beginning. You can let him/her to work on the first chapter problems for the first whole month. The pace would pick up after he/she is comfortable with the first two chapters.

6. Where to buy this book?

You can buy the printed version of this book on Amazon for $29.99 with free shipping. You can buy the PDF version book for just $5.99 by click HERE or the following image.
A First Algebra Book

I prefer the PDF version. I normally print the chapter I will use with my son. After he is done with it, I will print the next chapter. It is easy to use. You can print it anywhere at home or at work. You can take the printed pages when you are on vacation, or with him/her at the after school programs.  The PDF version is the version printed 1895. It is legal copy. The purpose of providing this PDF is not for profit. It is to provide parents with an alternative path to accelerate you child's academic success. If your child gets ahead with algebra, he/she would get ahead in his/her classes in math, physics, chemistry, TJHSST entrance test or SHSAT (Specialized High School Admissions Test), then AP classes.



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